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Autumn / winter Personality


Graffiti is communication. It is a visible expression of a person who doesn't feel that they're being listened to. These recognised values and connotations would act as a strong cue for teenagers to put forward their opinions. It adds visual interactivity to a passive piece of work and connects teenagers to the 'elite' art world.


Autumn / winter Personality


The Turner Prize believe that any publicity is good publicity:  good or bad, at least people are talking. A big craze with young adults was the Tinder app, I decided to use the digital world as a way for teenagers to have their say. Designing a Turner prize Tinder 'TURNDER', teenagers at the exhibition could swipe left or right based on whether they care or not. This would either allow them to learn more about the art or graffiti the work in a painting app.

WHO CARES? Is a concept interactive exhibition to try and further engage young adults with The Turner Prize Awards. Linking the two groups on the joint theme of rebellion and anarchy. This is a digitally interactive exhibition.


Autumn  Palette


Autumn personalities love people and hate to see people excluded, fighting for the rights of people. They are also very creative personalities, with many of them working in the arts and creative industries. These characteristics combined is what shows the true essence of this identity. The colour palette needed to be punchy yet contemporary, a modern twist on the usual anarchy colours of red and black.

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