Classic Nesting Recipes

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Classic Nesting Recipes is a cookbook for print, digital and digital shopping app. This collection is for the modern day home-maker trying to balance that traditional ethos of making a home (nesting) with efficiency needed in a modern hectic lifestyle.

Concept work.


summer / autumn Personality


The style brings practical yet effortless structure to heavy content, which is important for efficient navigation when cooking. These qualities are highly valued by Summer personalities. This is then contrasted with the hap-hazard rustic Autumn styling of the supporting imagery.


Summer Palette


Summer personalities are very nurturing of others and have a strong respect for traditional values when it comes to the home. The colours air towards the Autumn side of the Summer palette to reflect the cosy feel that Autumn personalities strive for.



Summer Personality


Key UX decisions:

Digital version of the recipe book would have duel scrolling to allow for ingredients list and cooking instructions to be navigated separately. The app would also contain how to videos for users to visually learn cooking techniques. It would contain quick-links to an online shopping app that could order the correct amount of ingredients needed for the recipe.


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