Creating cohesion and authenticity through colour psychology design and consciousness

Annalise Lewis works as a Consultant and Designer in the field of Colour & Branding Consciousness, working both with organisations on their archetypal brand alignment and with individuals on their own colour authenticity and wardrobes.


Annalise is adept in reading deeper understandings of colour, style, voice, structure and their innate links to personality types and type preferences. She weaves these elements together with deep intuition and rationale developing her own methodology of Archetypal Whole Brand Personality.


She is a true creative who is obsessed with psychological perception, and how it can be used to communicate between brands and their demographics, or be used to help people rediscover their essential nature and truly love themselves.

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Colour Psychology

Colour in branding and commercial design is most often the first thing that is 'read' within marketing and branding. Blue can simply mean intellect, red a call to action or yellow optimistic. However, this can be taken further using The Colour Affects System to analyse the tonal qualities of a hue to link to different types of personalities.


When harmonised correctly a brand or product can look authentic, trustworthy and even luxury. When colours are unharmonious they can create a confused message and will cheapen the product quicker than the time it takes to read the marketing. Speaking correctly with colour means that targeted demographics read it intuitively.


We, as individuals and businesses, have a mixture of all the archetypes but we will have a mixture in different ratios with a dominant type. It is this ever evolving mixture that makes us all so unique and individual. Below are some descriptions of the basic colour archetypes used in The Colour Affects System (by Angela Wright).




Playful, Social, Adaptive, Visionary & Youthful


Spring personalities (individual or organisational) are playful or visionary  sorts who love to work with people and actively seek new experiences,  whether personally or through strategic innovation and transformation.  They are visionary and adaptive making them quick to find solutions and  help others when in need.





Classic, Reliable, Structured, Romantic


Summer personalities (individual or organisational) have a never ending  timelessness, created through a mix of poise, romanticism and pragmatism.

They are reliable and structured in how they execute tasks. They are  nurturing due to feeling very deeply for others, although they present a very private facade. Can appear exclusive.





Unique, Explorers, Creative, Energetic & Warm


Autumn personalities (individual or organisational) are fascinated with the  world around them, always wanting to discover more. They can be creative,  loving, loyal and intense as they strive for truth and authenticity. They feel  very connected to the earth and therefore the palette is most widely used  in industries such as food, eco & outdoor experiences.



Strong, Stoic, Self-assured & Contemporary


Winter personalities (individual or organisational) are strong, intense and  focus on high performance. They love all things contemporary / cutting  edge and are often stoic enough to achieve desires. They command  respect easily, which makes them natural leaders and trend setters.




Archetypal Whole Brand Personality

  • ALCD has worked to develop the theory of Archetypal Whole Brand Personality.
  • This incorporates an understanding of the works of Jungian Psychology, Pearson’s Archetypes, Angela Wright’s Colour Affects System, Neethling’s Whole Brain theory and Myres Briggs with ALCD’s own hands-on experience in graphic design and branding.
  • The aim is to create a brand that is balanced in its personality and outwardly projected cultural energies.
  • ALCD creates Whole Brand reports that pick up on the archetypal thread, which runs through the organisations life-cycle and connects it to Archetypal Whole Brand Personality to show how the image of a company can become more authentic in their message.
  • The order of archetypes and their visual aspect, such as colour or design, are based on the % influence and affect-ability that they have on how we intuit personality and values.

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Annalise Lewis trading as Annalise Design & Annalise Colour is a practitioner of The Colour Affects System created by Angela Wright.