Giggle Gum

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Spring / winter Personality


Giggle Gum is the perfect fusion of the playful rolling curves of the Spring Personality, with its form mimicking that of a gum ball machine, and the Winter Personality so closely linked with the sharp geometry of the 20's Deco style. Art Deco was all about change in society, culture, inventions and breaking the rules. It was a phase of showing off the latest thing, which is a strong value for Winter Personalities.


Spring Palettes


The colour palette is compiled from the Spring swatches to represent eternal youthfulness. These are the types of colours usually associated with children's products hence why it is suited with an adult audience who want to behave like naughty kids. Consumers can transport themselves back to their childhood, when they ate bubblegum, only this time its alcoholic so it feels all the more naughty.


Spring Personality


The copy was inspired by the cheeky copy tone of Innocent smoothies. 20's slang is used to create that clear voice, reinforcing the throw-back themes, and playing with innuendo sounding slang.

Giggle Gum is a playful 20's inspired alcoholic bubblegum (a tribute to when bubblegum was invented). Think Clueless meets Cluedo. Playing on the idea of the speak-easy innocent venue secretly selling alcohol at the time, this boutique confectionery is meant to be a cheeky item to share with friends and family at a dinner party or as a gift.

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