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Autumn / winter Personality


The club night is a really new concept, the cutting edge in contemporary event club-nights. An important factor in the branding was that Frissonic needed to act as a chameleon and visually adapt to the changing theme of the nights. With this in mind the distilled essence of the night needed to be captured.


The firefly was highlighted as a strong brand icon because the glow of the firefly represents the frisson moving round our nervous system.


The ahead of the curb vision (Winter personality) is portrayed in the modern sharp lines and text. This is then contrasted with the texture and quirky details that reflect the fascination with sensory exploration loved by Autumns.


Autumn  / winter personality


Two flyers were designed, one as a scale adaptation of the first event poster, and a second as a consistent flyer that was not event theme specific. This could be used as a marketing strategy to introduce more people to the organisations mission, especially when the meaning of the word frisson is reasonably unknown in the targeted youthful demographic.


Laser wood-cuts were also created out of the logos firefly to be used around the environment along with gold vinyl cuts.


Winter / Autumn  Palette


Gold was an important colour for this first event because the theme was Alchemy and 'Becoming Gold'. The gold was also a more visual way to reflect the magical, other-worldly precious sensation of the fireflies' light and the electric sensation of frisson around the nervous system. In order for the colour to stand out and take centre stage the neutrals of black and white were used to support and highlight the adaptable brand identity.

Frissonic is a club night in Bristol, UK. With the hottest emerging local artists and scientific research Frissonic creates what is both a live experiment and theatrical experience. Their core aim is to give you Frisson.



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