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Autumn / Summer Personality


The style targets a more grown up demographic;  all the extreme sports lovers of the 90's have now grown older and are looking for an appropriate sophisticated representation of their mastery.  This elegance is created through simplicity, structure and organisation of information. This is then contrasted with splashes of spontaneity, through type, to display that captured moment within extreme sports.


Autumn Palette


Autumn personalities are adventurous and feel a strong connection to the earth. This is depicted through rich tones with depth, warmth and an earthiness reinforcing their core value of being connected with the elements.

Catalyst is a new take on the traditional extreme sports magazine. Visually creating a contrast between the control needed for the sports and the spontaneity to grab that sporting moment. This magazine is all about that refined reaction to the natural elements.


Autumn / Spring Personality


Interest is created through texture rather than pattern to reflect an authenticity and exposure of materials or elements. This is a strong visual cue for Autumn personalities. A subtle Spring personality influence comes through in the spontaneous movement and transitional evolving capabilities of water.


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