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Concept BFI Festival theme focused around the genre La Nouvelle Vague, also known as French New Wave. A genre that altered the trajectory of film creating new perspectives and focusing on the character developments and interactions.


Summer Palette


Summer is all about a sense of classicism, the personalities possess a love for reading as one of their main pastimes. The French New Wave  movement became so iconic through their experimental exploration of character development that the movement now encapsulates the timelessness of the Summer personality.



 a3 fold down to a6


Autumn / Summer Personality


Autumn personalities are fascinated by mystery and how people connect with each other, their perception is concentrated on realising the ‘bigger picture’. This is why the sense of mystery is shown through identity concealment in the imagery and stage directions. The tessellation of letters in the titles is used to reflect the interconnectivity of the characters.


Summer Personality


Stage directions are used on tickets to direct the viewers to the right cinema room. Badges also have stage directions to make a joke about how the viewer could respond to the film. A VIP ticket for film lovers to get stamped off allowing them to see all the films showing at the festival.


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