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The mission of my business is to help create authenticity through applying the psychology of colour and style. This means that Annalise Colour needed to reflect myself authentically without being too bold so that it didn't clash with visuals of the other psychological palettes, which are not my own.


I needed a style that was elegant, supportive and modern. Colour psychology has been studied for decades however it is not widely  known within younger generations. I wanted to project a timelessness that wouldn't intimidate an older demographic but would still appeal to a younger audience.



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The theory that I work with revolves around four archetypal personalities. We all possess a mix of characteristics from the four types but some characteristic preferences will be more dominant than others. I use printed archetypal mood boards within my consultations that present the true essence of each palette and style. Above are simplified phone versions. Feel free to explore more about the personalities on my colour website


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In the comprehensive Personal Colour Consultations that I offer, people take away a personalised colour chart. Colour charts and reports are based on the personality, style preferences , physical appearances and the overall energy of the individual / organisation. Selecting appropriate and individualised colours / palettes for their innate psychological effects and qualities and picking out the wow-colours that really support the individual.


Autumn  Palette


Autumn personalities love people and exploring the world around them, especially in areas such as psychology and philosophy. They are also very creative personalities, with many of them working in the arts and creative industries.


The hues I chose to represent myself were a salmon pink and a muted green/blue.


Green is all about balance and love. You know that an ecosystem is in balance when there is greenery and the same goes for applying it to people. A moderate use of green promotes calmness and balance within the person. It is these values of balance that I want to instil into people.


The salmon pink is a colour of feminine yin energy. The feminine energy is all about intuition and deeper levels of understanding. My practice is about reading the aesthetics, personality, and energy of an individual through intuition on more heightened levels of awareness.


The use of gradient is a way to portray the flow and intuition that I function in, while working with colour.



Annalise Colour is my personal colour psychology consultancy. I have provided colour and style guidance for individuals, beauty and corporate business industries, interiors industry, graphic design studios as well as for a short film through character development and wardrobe.

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Annalise Lewis trading as Annalise Design & Annalise Colour is a practitioner of The Colour Affects System created by Angela Wright.